Did you ever make Valentine boxes in elementary school?

This cute vintage inspired valentine box actually started out as a Christmas box…until I started thinking of fun memories of receiving valentines from classmates when I was in elementary school. Kids in the class would bring in a homemade decorated container to put valentines in that we handed out to each other. One year I made a pink papered choo-choo train out of an empty round oatmeal container. I added wheels that I cut out of a cereal box. I also added a smokestack {an empty spool of thread} complete with cotton balls to look like steam was coming out of the chimney. Isn’t it funny the things we remember from our childhood?

Maybe I will use this new box for storing all of my pretty Valentine’s Day materials, unless of course, you have a better suggestion for me!

7 thoughts on “Did you ever make Valentine boxes in elementary school?”

  1. I just love this!! Great place to keep all those Valentine’s in!! I will be featuring this box on My Crafty Picks #51 with a link back to your blog on 2-5-12. Make sure to stop by to check out all the picks and to pick up your blog badge to display on your blog for being featured!!

    If you wish to decline please email me by responding to this comment to let me know.

    Thanks and take care
    Tiffany Bauer


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