Recipe Recap 2012

Recipe Recap 2012…

… Is what the tag will say that I’ll make to hang on my little plastic purse handle. Inside my pocketbook project I am going to make pages that contain snippets of what happens in my daily life.  A “recipe” page could contain some kind of keepsake from the day, or it could have a picture attached of a special social event or family get together.  My goal is to use my scrap paper, use some of my random rubber stamps, and use stickers that I see in my stash and don’t know what to do with. I was stuck on what to call this project, until Bryn Byers came to my rescue. I told him the plan I had in mind, and he gave me the great idea for the title. That was all it took to get me started!  In the months ahead, I’ll be posting pictures of my pages for my Recipe Recap. I am going to start on my project this weekend, using one of these pictures that was taken a couple of weeks ago with my wine group. I think my first page will be a “recipe for friendship”. Check back next week to see how I use these pictures in my page, or sign up to follow my blog via email on my home page. Have a great weekend!

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