Spring has sprung!

Besides Daylight Savings Time giving our evenings more daylight and our mornings less, I’m not sure what purpose it holds in today’s world. For me, it triggers that it’s time for a new season to start. I usually measure the change to springtime by when my plants bloom. Some of my all time favorite flowers and plants are irises, orchids, marigolds, daffodils, and daisies. The picture of the pretty purple orchid in this post was a gift from my friend Brenda that I got a few years ago. The other picture of daffodils was taken in the spring at my Cousin Linda’s house. It’s so great to live in the Sunshine State where I can go outside on my patio comfortably in March and tend to all of my pretty potted plants. I remember one time when I was a kid in Illinois, I saw a yellow daffodil pop its head up through the white snow. It was fascinating to me, since the ground had not yet thawed out. I hope for my Northern friends that your long, cold winter will come to an end soon, and that springtime is right around the corner!

I hope you all enjoy the warmth and renewal of spring.

1 thought on “Spring has sprung!”

  1. You are so right about spring! With all the colors and scents of the new blooms…brings a sense of renewal! I think this wonderful season inspires creativity ! I really wish we could grow lilac bushes in the Sunshine State! They hold so many childhood memories for me! My potted petunias and daffodils are my current prize posessions! Welcome Spring!!!


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