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Living in a condo complex, I sometimes see items set up on “display” near the recycle bins that are free for the taking. Last week, I saw this piece of furniture, most likely left there because its former owner would rather see it put to re-use than in the trash… I first noticed the size, thinking that I could somehow find a spot for it in my small condo. Then I thought about how nice it might look painted white.  That was all it took for me to grab the little stand and take it home with me. It turned out to be an easy weekend project. I used some leftover white semi-gloss trim paint, some acrylic paint for an accent color, two 12 x 12 sheets of designer scrapbook paper from K & Company, Mod Podge, and a glass knob that I bought for the drawer. I think I’m going to use this “new” table in my spare room to store my Cricut machine and Big Shot on!

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