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Make it up as you go

It seems like lately I’ve been a little bit sidetracked from papercrafting…but I have enjoyed being spontaneous with the “opportunities” that have come my way. Whether it’s finding a piece of furniture and making it new again, or playing with my camera and taking pictures of beautiful spring flowers, I love to live in the moment. A couple of weeks ago, I was at Atlantis in the Bahamas. In addition to its shark lagoons, lazy river rides, waterslides and spectacular aquariums, the resort had a great paint-your-own pottery studio called “Earth & Fire”.  I knew when I heard about the studio, that it would be a great indoor adventure for me! They had a nice selection of pottery pieces to pick from so you could create your own masterpiece.  I chose to paint a small serving tray that came with a spreader, which I thought would make a great keepsake from the trip. The pottery pieces are fired in a custom kiln overnight, and are ready for pick up the following day. I was with a group, and we had a few hours to pick our piece, create our design plan, and paint it with 3 coats of glaze. The design for my serving tray included a few starfish, a sandy beach, and some ocean waves. I chose glaze colors that complimented my Fiesta®ware that I use at home, in which I have colors of tangerine, scarlet red, and cobalt. It was such a fun afternoon at the Earth & Fire pottery studio. I got to meet new people, have great conversations, and got a little messy while accomplishing something too.  Please stay tuned for more papercrafting posts coming soon….well, unless if something else fun pops up along the way!

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