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We are more than halfway through the year!

Can you believe that it’s August all ready? This year is flying right by! By this time of the year I have usually figured out what paper craft projects I am going to work on for the fall holidays and for Christmas. I think I should stop spending less time pinning and looking at ideas on Pinterest and start planning ahead. The holidays will be here before we know it!

I am continuing to work on my ongoing Recipe Recap project. I’ll post some pictures soon of recent page additions. This little pocketbook album is filling up quickly, and is turning out to be the perfect size for this project. It feels good to know that I am reaching my goal of using scrap paper and random scrap stash to put “recipe” pages together that contain some kind of keepsake from the day, or pictures from a special happening.

Since this year will be over in a flash…I have decided that my next years annual ongoing project (or projects) will be getting SMASHed! I am so excited to try K & Company’s line of SMASH products. Do any of you SMASH?

SMASH v.: the act of sticking cool things in cool awesome books made by K & Co. Live it up, Glue it down, & Smash it in!

1 thought on “We are more than halfway through the year!”

  1. Yes!!! Funny you should mention getting “SMASHED”….I hope to be teaching that class at Michael’s very soon!!! I will keep you posted!
    Looks likes great fun!!


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