Repurposing a holiday popcorn tin

Over the holidays, our office received a huge tin of popcorn. Popcorn tins bring us delicious popcorn treats but then leave us with 3 to 5-gallon canisters. Instead of tossing out the popcorn container, I decided to take it home and repurpose it. Lucky for me that the tin was plain jane; silver with no decoration…a blank canvas!

This morning in South Florida the weather was beautiful with temps in the low 70’s. I opened all the windows, turned on some music, and started prepping for my popcorn tin project. I started by cleaned out the canister and getting my supplies ready  to decorate it. My current storage container for my shatterproof Christmas ornaments is made of thin, flimsy plastic. Today those ornaments are going to get a new home to be stored in, thanks to my newly decorated popcorn canister.  The supply list for this project is small. Here’s what I used:

  1. Cricut – Very Merry Tags cartridge to make the vinyl ornaments and Art Philosophy to cut a circle for inside the lid
  2. Vinyl – I used pink and white, since that’s what I have on hand
  3. Ribbon and scissors
  4. Packaging tape – to secure the ribbon inside the container
  5. Designer paper & adhesive – to cover the popcorn label inside the lid

I hope I’ve inspired you to take your next popcorn canister and put it to good use for practical home storage.  I think I will use chalkboard paint to decorate the next container I bring home!


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