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Be An Angel or Get An Angel

No one should fight cancer alone. For anyone who has ever has faced a life-changing disease like cancer, you quickly discover that you need to rely on others for support and encouragement. I think a key to fighting cancer is to surround yourself with positive ideas, people, and resources. I have been cancer free for almost 9 years and last year, out of the blue, I discovered a fantastic resource – a group called Chemo Angels. The Chemo Angels program offers support to those who find themselves in the most challenging situation of their lives – battling a cancer diagnosis and undergoing chemo treatment.  Volunteers (a/k/a Angels) support an assigned “buddy” throughout their journey with cards, inspirational messages, supportive words and lots of positive energy. The encouragement Angels provide helps give patients the comfort and confidence of knowing they are not alone in their fight.  The goal of Chemo Angels is to help fuel a positive attitude and aid in the road to recovery. As a volunteer, I can say that providing emotional support is one of the most heartwarming experiences I’ve ever had.  I am lucky enough to never have experienced chemo, but I certainly can empathize with what these patients are going through. The Chemo Angels program matches anyone undergoing chemotherapy with his or her or own “angel.” The angels send notes, cards, and occasional small gifts to their assigned recipient, sharing good cheer and encouragement.  Patients are not required to respond to their angels.  The idea is to focus on their treatment and recoveries, and to not have them feel obligated to send a thank you note for each instance of support. As an angel, you just know they are thankful, and knowing a patient is getting well is thanks enough.  As a “Card Angel” I am 100% dedicated to my assigned patient for however long the treatments continue. My commitment is to send my buddy at least one card, letter, or note a week, and a small gift every now and then – even though gifts are not required for Card Angels. And, as a personal commitment, I make all the cards I send.

Cancer patients need stability and reliability in their lives while they struggle to create a new normal. If you are looking for a new volunteer opportunity, and think this kind of program might be a good fit for you, check out their website. Or, if you know someone who is going through intensive, IV chemotherapy, please encourage them to apply so they can be “adopted” by Angels who can provide support to them throughout the course of their treatment. To learn more about this awesome organization, please visit www.chemoangels.net.

So…with all of that being said, I thought I would share a few pictures of cards I have made and sent to my buddy. I love being an Angel!

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A little bit of me

Roses are red, Violets are blue

I think my first exposure to poetry was when we recited those Roses are Red poems in elementary school. You remember, “…violets are blue, sugar is sweet and so are you!” I loved those cute poems.  I wonder if kids are still reciting those verses today? This card was inspired by the Penny Black stamp with the “Roses are Red” sentiment that I stamped and matted for the inside of the card. The stamp on the front  is called “A Rose”.  I used my staple supplies: pretty cardstock, black ink, Copic markers, sheer ribbon, and a little Stickles on the lace of her dress to give it a little sparkle.


For those of you who remember those verses from long ago, here are a couple of them that I remember and used to love!

Roses are red;
Your eyes are blue.
When I’m smiling,
I’m thinking of you.

Roses are red;
Chocolate is sweet.
I want you to know
That I think you’re neat.

A little bit of me

Art ♥ from ♥ the ♥ heart

I love making cards and tags for friends and family. When I first starting making cards, years ago, I wasn’t sure if I would like it or not. My friend Dorothy suggested that I make a few cards before I decide whether or not to pursue it as a new “hobby”. I’m so glad she gave me that advice, because after making a few cards, I knew it was going to be something that I would really enjoy. In the beginning, card making was about being able to use up my designer paper, embellishments, and ribbon that I had leftover from scrapbooking projects. Today, it’s more about making art from the heart, and making the recipient feel special.

It’s been a long time since I’ve bought a card from the store… with the recent exception of running to Publix a couple of weeks ago to pick up a birthday card for a fellow associate. It was sticker shock for me when I turned the card over to see how much it cost, and on top of that, I realized that I am slow as the seven-year itch when it comes to picking a card out {now would probably be a good time to thank my pal Lori for her patience with me at the store!} Seems like a see a design on the outside that I like, then I open the card up and the verse inside doesn’t say what I’m feeling. That’s one of the many reasons I like making my own cards. You plan a design based on the supplies that you have on hand; pick out your paper & embellishments, glue it all together, then write or rubber stamp a simple sentiment on the inside. For me, that is so much better than getting in my car, running to the store, finding a parking spot, going to the card aisle and standing there for who knows how long trying to find the right card, then finally finding one, going to a check-out line, paying 5 bucks for a semi-pretty card, then get back in my car and go back home. I’m gonna use my scrap paper & leftover embellishments instead, and continue making art from the heart…